femme ete 2017
photos : agnès b.
femme ete 2017

green crepe coat

red crepe coat

jersey t-shirt with digital photo print
© agnès b. “poppies”

pleated skirt in white jersey with gold lamé

red crepe coat

crepe jacket shirt
and trousers with red flower print

ecru top with square neckline
and skirt in jacquard jersey with red stripes

buttoning dress and shorts
in red and white striped cotton

silk satin shirt jacket
with graphic “cardin” print

jersey Bermuda shorts with graphic “cardin” print

green iridescent faux leather blouson

large sweatshirt in a black knit printed with white letters “AGNES B.”

white cotton gabardine shorts

cardigan in black fancy-stitch knit,
silver buttons

sleeveless cotton dress with apricot print,
design © agnès b.

loose-fitting jacket and wide-leg trousers in navy jersey, white and pale blue stripes

lookbook femme été 2017

Leslie black lambskin blouson

“Bird” designer t-shirt by Paul Rousteau

red jersey shorts white squared stripes prints

femme ete 2017
femme ete 2017

“merveille” designer t-shirt by Jean-Michel Prudhomme
in blue cotton jersey

trousers with drawstring waist in hemp linen

beige cardigan with fancy-knit collar

digital photo print
« flowers in Brittany » © agnès b. skirt

lookbook femme ete 2017

yellow cardigan with fancy-knit collar

green lambskin pencil skirt

lookbook ete 2017

white cotton tunic embroidered blue « ma liberté » sentences

lookbook femme ete 2017

black lambskin coat

long-sleeved black fishnet t-shirt

trousers in black jersey weaved, ecru tennis stripes

lookbook ete 2017

white cotton shirt with frilled collar and sleeves
long V-neck dress in black crepe

black 2 buttons jacket and short trousers combed whool suit white